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The Clutter Wizard


bobfarkas.pngWelcome! I’m Bob Farkas, The Clutter Wizard, a hands-on professional organizer here in Santa Clarita, who creates order and manages all of the out-of-control places in your home and/or office.

You’ll be amazed at how serene and less stressed out you’ll feel after we work together to evaluate the stuff in your home, office and life and get it all organized. If you’re overwhelmed, frustrated and just tired of looking at everything piled up around you, I encourage you to call or email me so we can talk about your specific situation and how I can be of help.

I’ll go through years of your accumulated clutter and weed through papers, create efficient storage spaces, set up filing systems, streamline closets and garages and, in general, create harmonious and productive living and working environments custom-tailored to meet your needs.

And I do it all confidently, patiently and with a sense of humor. It’s a confidential, painless and comfortable process.

For an appointment please call me.


Listen to a KHTS AM-1220, Santa Clarita interview with Bob Farkas here!
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The Clutter Wizard is Santa Clarita’s solution for professional organizing services.

If your life is in need of organization, call The Clutter Wizard.




  • The Clutter Wizard has a natural talent for organizing spaces.Many people simply can’t visualize the potential of various spaces. Seeing spaces differently and making order in these spaces is what I do best.

  • The Clutter Wizard provides organizing solutions for your specific needs.Every organizing job is individualized because everyone looks at the world differently. Every organizing solution is tailored to provide the maximum benefit to each individual client.

  • The Clutter Wizard is impartial and offers emotional and moral support. Since I have no emotional ties to your stuff, deciding what to keep and what to toss is much less traumatic. I will gently walk you through this often difficult process.

  • The Clutter Wizard motivates you to get the job done.What stops most people in their tracks is the sense of dread in not knowing where to begin. I’m with you each step of the way, helping you figure out what’s causing you the most stress and anxiety and tackling those areas together first.

  • The Clutter Wizard will help you stay focused. Working with you on one room at a time or one task at a time, I guide you through the organizing proces. Focusing on individual tasks will give you a stronger sense of accomplishment.

  • The Clutter Wizard will decrease your stress level and make you more productive. Spaces that are convenient, easy-to-access, useful, productive and efficient reduce stress. It’s that simple.

  • The Clutter Wizard may recommend some purchases to do your job properly. Initially I always try to use what you already have available but as we work I may suggest that you get bookshelves, desk organizers, storage containers, file cabinets, etc.

  • The Clutter Wizard finds or creates a place for everything. If something doesn’t have a place yet I will create one. If it does, I will make it more efficient. Everything should always have a “home”.

  • The Clutter Wizard will label all your storage containers so you can easily identify what’s inside. Most people simply waste a lot of time looking for things. I believe strongly in labelling so that you can find what you’re looking for more quickly and efficiently.

  • The Clutter Wizard offers continuous maintenance service. Since most people have a hard time changing their habits, I will come back once or twice a month to help you maintain your newly organized spaces until you can do it yourself comfortably.




“The Clutter Wizard will control your clutter. Make your life clutter free with Santa Clarita’s Clutter Wizard.”

“Santa Clarita’s premier clutter buster is The Clutter Wizard.”

“Stop cluttering your house or business. Call Bob Farkas in Santa Clarita at 661 298-9100.”

“The Clutter Wizard will organize your home and office and make it an efficient comfortable place to live and work.”

“For home organizing or office organizing I’d only call The Clutter Wizard.”

“Helping Santa Clarita families organize and control the clutter in their homes and businesses is what The Clutter Wizard specializes in.”

“The Clutter Wizard – organising more Santa Clarita homes and businesses with customized solutions to meet your specific needs.”


The Clutter Wizard

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