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The Doll People by Sadie De Cicco

Good Morning KHTS listeners.

Hi, my name is Sadie De Cicco and I attend Meadows Elementary School in the Newhall School District.

I will be reviewing the book The Doll People, written by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin.  It was written in the year 2000 and is 256 pages long.


The Doll People,  is a fantasy story about Annabelle an eight year old porcelain doll and her family.  They have lived in a doll house for over one hundred years, which is located in the bedroom of a little girl named Kate.  The dolls work and play when the humans are away or asleep.


Annabelle comes across an old diary of her Aunt Sarah’s who has been missing for about forty five years.  Annabelle keeps the diary a secret until a family of plastic dolls moves into Kate’s little sister’s room.  Annabelle becomes good friends with Tiffany one of the plastic dolls.  Annabelle tells her new friend about finding her missing aunt’s diary and the two of them decide to go on an adventure to find her.


The two girls meet some unexpected characters along the way, for instance, Kate’s cat sees them running across the living room and chases them, and then the close call of almost being seen by Kate’s family members.


Annabelle and Tiffany finally find Aunt Sarah in the attic of Kate’s house.  Aunt Sarah’s dress was caught under a chest which the two girls couldn’t move themselves so they decide to go and get help from both their families.  Together they all work to free her.  The families are so pleased to have freed Aunt Sarah that they all have a big party to celebrate.


I really enjoyed this book.  The story kept me interested.  I really liked the main character Annabelle, because she was very determined and enjoyed adventure.  If you are someone who enjoys fantasy, excitement, and adventure all in one then this is the book for you.

The Doll People by Sadie De Cicco

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