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The Don and Gino Show – December 20, 2012

Guest: Barry Habib

Topic: 1.  How Don & Gino can help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars and change your life

    2.   2013 market insights from expert contributor, Barry Habib with Fox News, CNBC and MBS Highway


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Don and Gino Real Estate Finance Show December 20, 2012

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  Welcome to the nationally recognized real estate radio network, the Don and Gino real estate finance show.  Airing every Thursday from one to two p.m. on your Home Town Station Am 1220 KHTS. In their fun and informative way, Don and Gino are here to share their 34 years of real estate and finance experience.  Don and Gino will also bring you their very best expert available to guide you through what you need to know. It’s lookin a lot like Christmas.  That’s right it’s your Christmas special!  Don and Gino here with your weekly Don and Gino Finance show.  Guiding you to personal and financial wellness we are so proud to be part of the national real estate network.  National syndication of the very best financial and real estate specialists and experts around the nation and we are stoked to be here today on our holiday special right Gino? We are stoked today and I’m very cheery to be here, and I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this but that actually didn’t sound that bad.  What my song? Ya it didn’t sound that bad.  Ya singing isn’t one of my greatest qualities.  You know what else is really cool about this season is that it makes us appreciate everyone in our lives and I wanted to thank you for giving up your home last night so that we could all appreciate each other and have a little bit of fun.  That was a good time.  Yes we where fortunate enough to share a great night with our Cherry Creek mortgage family.  We have the best team there is in the industry bar none, helping you with your purchases your finances your reams of home ownership and we shared that with some of our awesome partners, we have a lot of great partners, so today’s show is sponsored by Five Hour Energy.  So speaking of Five Hour Energy, we are festive in here so if you want to check us out log onto www. Don and Gino .com that’s D O N A N D G I N O dot com, hit the Listen Live button and you can see how goofy we are in here, Don’s got an especially goofy hat going on.

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The Don and Gino Show – December 20, 2012

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