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The Don and Gino Show – January 10, 2013

Guest: Elliot Eisenberg Ph.D., nationally acclaimed economist and public speaker –

Finance Hour – Topic:  Discussing the Fiscal Whiff, A Trillion Dollar Coin and Current Economic Updates With Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. of

Guest:  Jack Cotton, legendary relator and author for the last four decades, based in Cape Cod

Real Estate Hour – Topic:  Jack Cotton Shares why Real Estate is the Best Investment Ever & Lessons from his Dog, Moose

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The Don and Gino Real Estate & Finance Show, January 10, 2013

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The Don and Gino Real Estate & Finance Show airs on AM-1220 KHTS Thursdays from 12pm-2pm.


Don and Gino are here to teach you everything you need to know about your finances, how to save money and stay out of debt.  Today is Don and Gino’s first two hour show. Starting at lunch time for their first time in their two years at AM 1220 KHTS and part of the nationally recognized real estate radio network.  On today’s show, the first hour is “finance hour” with Doctor Elliot Eisenberg who will help break down the economy in a fun and informative way.  And the second hour will be an interview with one of the top economists and real estate professionals in the nation and discuss the current national economy and the current real estate cycle.

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Elliot Eisenberg phd in economy from Washington D.C. joins the show calling from Aspen Colorado.  Elliot is a regular speaker on economic forecast, forecast on home building, strategic development. What makes Elliot want to have fun with economy?  Economy is everywhere, you go on a date for the 4th time, and the girl asks for Italian. You say yes to make her happy but inside you are not happy, that is thinking strategically and tactically about your money and lifestyle.   Now government spending is higher, gdp is higher, there is a lot of collateral damage when people do not pay attention.  His web page is simple because that’s what is important, we here try not to talk down to the listeners but make it easy to understand and fallow. That’s right, people want it easy to understand or else they will walk away or start looking at their Black Berry, and not pay attention.  Elliot is going to help share what is happening in the market today in a fun perspective and help us understand where we are at on the fiscal cliff.

Social security is a problem, not as much as health care, but still a problem.  And the thing about Social Security is that the solution is not that hard. Anyone who is 65 and retiring has a good change living 15 to 20 years. This is different from when it was put is place when people didn’t live much past age 65, so is the solution simply to raise the social security age limit? 




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The Don and Gino Show – January 10, 2013

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