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The Don and Gino Show – January 3, 2013

Guest Host:  Steve Corn – Newhall Escrow

Guests:  John Vance Wealth Group, Inc.

Topic:  What Really Happened with the Fiscal Whiff?; 2013 financial insight from John Vance

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The Don and Gino Real Estate & Finance Show, January 3, 2013

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The Don and Gino Real Estate & Finance Show airs on AM-1220 KHTS Thursdays from 1pm-2pm.


Well of course we have to start the show off with a “Happy New Year” from the Don and Gino Finance Show on your home town station am1220 KHTS and unfortunately it’s just going to be the Don show today.  But fortunately I have my co-host and good friend, you will recognize the voice, because he’s really our third host, owner of Newhall Escrow, Steve Corn in the house! So, I want to make sure that you can do more than just listen to us on KHTS, the number one radio station in town, so incase you have to step out of the car, you can go on line to Don and Gino dot com, that’s d o n a n d g I n o . com,

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make sure to click the “Listen Live” button and you can listen and watch us live, we are waiving to you right now.  You can cheat and see that we have a good looking stud in the studio with us today to help us out with some grate financial planning information that you are going to be amazed at.  He is on top of his game today to start us off with a new year two thousand and thirteen. And we want to thank cherry creek mortgage, the one in only cherry creek mortgage who we work with, your local direct lender since 1987 right here in Valencia, helping you with your green home ownership.  That’s right helping you purchase your new home, refinance your new home, that’s what we do and we love doing that.  And you can always reach out to us at 855 Don and Gino or email us at don and Gino @gmail .com. kind of a theme there right Steve? Ya I think so, Don and Gino, not Steve, but Don and Gino.  Hey we are actually bribing everyone today to be part of our show because on our new, um brand new face book page, guess what it is?  Umm Don and Gino? Man you are on top of it today Steve. Ya we are bribing you, basically we want to know more information from people like Steve Corn from Newhall Escrow and our guest John Vance of Vance Wealth Group.


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The Don and Gino Show – January 3, 2013

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