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The Former Friends Of John Boston

One of America’s premier humorists and satirists lives right here in Santa Clarita.


John Boston brings his wit and insight to AM 1220 KHTS. “The Former Friends of John Boston” airs from 2-3 p.m. Mondays. It is as broadbased as Boston, covering everything from The Worst Rock ‘n’ Roll songs of all time to trenchant questions facing society and Santa Clarita.

Boston follows in the footsteps of radio personality Will Rogers. In fact, Boston is the recipient of the prestigious Will Rogers Lifetime Humanitarian Achievement Award. He has been named both Best Serious and Best Humorous Newspaper Columnist in America – several times and has more than 100 major national, regional and California awards for commentary.

“I’d like to see the show grow into itself,” said the Sand Canyon resident. “But my hopes are that it will be 50 percent Monty Python, 50 percent Eric Clapton, 50 percent Prairie Home Companion and 383 percent Santa Clarita. I’m sensing that this might add up to more than 100 percent, but, like government has taught us, we can have more than 100 percent of anything.”

ImageIn “The Former Friends of John Boston,” the TV and print personality and Santa Clarita’s historian will bring an eclectic mix to Monday afternoon’s airwaves. He will be interviewing leaders from the business, government, educational and intellectual community.

“If I could get around the health codes and get a monkey on the air, I’d do that, too,” said Boston. “A nice monkey. One that doesn’t bite or take off it’s diaper and especially one that doesn’t smoke indoors. The recording booth at KHTS is the size of a thimble and if you’ve got a chain-smoking chimp, it’s like you’re sharing the same lung. Or lungs, depending on the medical profiles of the parties involved.”

Boston is a 51-year-resident of Santa Clarita.

“That’s not including previous lives, either,” said Boston. “Forget Barack Obama. I’m the guy who has seen a lot of change. Dimes. Quarters. The rare and ill-fated Gerald Ford 17-cent piece and the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky two-bit piece. When I was a kid, why, we even had silver dollars in regular circulation. Kids were shorter then, too. It was from carrying around all that change. In the good old days, we had chiropractors on every block to adjust the children’s backs so they’d walk properly. On the down side, back then, the ‘block’ hadn’t been invented yet, so Santa Clarita didn’t have many chiropractors.”

“All kidding aside, I hope you have a free hour Monday’s at 2. The Santa Clarita is a most interesting place and one I’ve always considered the Navel of the Universe,” said Boston. “I truly appreciate AM 1220 KHTS for inviting me into their home.”

ImageLook for Boston’s authoritative History of the Santa Clarita Valley coming out in Spring of 2009. The book is part of the Images of America series by the renowned Arcadia Publishing Co. Boston will be hosting a book-signing at the City of Santa Clarita’s Cowboy Fest this April.

Boston will also be publishing his latest novel, “Adam Henry” and his inspirational non-fiction book, “The Hard Times Calendar.”

Boston will also soon be offering his famed History of the Santa Clarita Valley course through the SCV Historical Society. Visit to sign up.

His website is and it features a wide array of the award-winning writer’s work.

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The Former Friends Of John Boston

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