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The Last Dragon by Gina Guaderrama

The story begins with a long forgotten dragon hanging in the window of the Lung Fung Trading Company.  A young boy named Peter doesn’t want to spend a summer with his Great Aunt who lives above a noodle factory in Chinatown.  He thinks everything there is old, alien, and strange.  Peter runs into the store and buys the dragon.  He takes it back to Great Aunt’s apartment and puts it on a hat rack.  The dragon has no teeth, no eyes, and the body and tail are in bad shape. 


The next morning the dragon’s mouth is fixed, whiskers are untangled, and the pearl on the head is shined.  Great Aunt did all of this for the dragon.  Peter then brings the body to Mr. Pang, the tailor.  Peter can not pay him so he does chores instead.  Peter brings the tail to a kite shop which is owned by Miss Rose Chiao.  Peter can’t pay her either so he does chores for her too.  Peter learns the streets of Great Aunt’s neighborhood.  He knows where almost everything is.  One day Miss Rose Chiao asks Peter what he is going to do for eyes.  She suggests the Tak Wah Tong Herb Center where Dr. Wai Sing Fong works.  Dr. Fong said he can’t do anything for the eyes because they need to be blessed by a priest.  Peter sees an artist one afternoon and asks him to paint the dragon. 


After several afternoons the dragon is finished.  Once Peter gets home Mr. Pang shows him the new body.  Everything is finished except the eyes.  Dr. Fang brings Peter dragon eyes.  Great Aunt hosts a farewell party for Peter at the Golden Palace restaurant and invites Peter’s new friends. 


During their meal the dragon appears and the priest blesses his eyes.  The dragon then parades around the restaurant and when he reaches Peter, he bows. 


I learned that if you believe in something, you can make it happen.

The Last Dragon by Gina Guaderrama

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