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The Real Side – December 20, 2012

Guest:  Stacy Swimp

Topic:  Stacy Swimp with the Frederick Douglass Society in to discuss the minority power in today’s society.


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The Real Side December 20, 2012

Welcome to another hour her on the real side. Not the right side, not the wrong side, but the real side.  I’m your host Jo Messina.  Thank you so much for joining me today I do appreciate the time that you spend with me.  I know you can be listening , watching too, listening to  what, about three thousand other shows out there?  But you’ve chosen this one and I do appreciate it. I do appreciate you tuning into this station and listening to what’s going on in the station that you are hearing the show on.  If its your first time tuning in, the shows called the real side.  I try to keep it to real talk, real words, no political speak.   I want to make sure you can understand what the shows about.  I want to understand what the snows about so I don’t speak politico as well.   If I irritate you on the air, I will irritate you even more on the web because we are all over the place on the web; I tunes, you tube, face book, I stream, we are everywhere.  If you want to get involved in the conversation, let me know where I’m wrong, where I am off, and good luck with that.   You can find us on, you could send me an e-mail at Joe @ the real side .com and you can call in at 855 real Joe, that’s 855 732 5563.  We still need to keep the people on the east coast in our prayers, seriously.  Because, well there’s a lot going on back there, between the shootings in Connecticut, to the hurricane sandy people that are really really really haven’t had the help that they need, they really really do need a lot more help and we do need to keep them in our prayers, really keep them in our prayers.   So make sure that you keep those people in mind, I mean Christmas is right around the corner, the holidays, a joyous time of the year is right around the corner, and it may not be so joyous for them.

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The Real Side – December 20, 2012

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