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The Real Side – Februafy 26, 2013

 The Real Side 2-26-2013


Host: Joe Messina

Topic: Will the US Be Broke in 10 Years?

Guest: Andrew Gause- Author & Currency Expert


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The Real Side with Joe Messina airs on AM-1220 KHTS Monday through Friday from 2pm-3pm. Not the right side, not the wrong side, it’s The Real Side with Joe Messina.


Joe Messina wants to start out with thanking his fans and listeners. He wants more people to call and involve themselves. Psychologist Dr. Gregory Jantz comes in and talks about the psychology on gun violence.  What causes someone to snap and do what they do, especially when it comes to the gun violence in schools? The EOC says that background checks are racist. The administrations that request background checks are being sued because those background checks are considered “racist.” You’re telling me, that a background check for employment is determined by race, even if any of those races have the same criminal charges. It’s “racist” to assume that whites would be chosen over a minority, even though they have the same crime charges, and that those races have a higher crime rate. If the government is hiring criminals, we don’t know where our money is going.

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We’re talking about repeated violence on the radio. Are our kids weaker today than they were 20-30 years ago? How are we treating our kids on how they handle situations? What are the mind process thoughts of the people who go on these gun crimes? A teacher refused to grade reports, because they were about guns. The report was supposed to be about anything that the student was interested in, but he refused to grade the report after the topic was about guns. The family wanted an apology from the teacher and the teacher did grade the report and apologized. The parents felt like the teacher did not apologize and also felt that he stomped on their rights of Freedom of Speech.


Is there really more violence in school today or is it deployed by the media more? Violence is caused by the influence of most things distributed from the internet, television, and pornography. Kids are more exposed to more mature subjects, because of the easy access of internet. People say and do things online, that people wouldn’t do in person. You see families at restaurants just playing with their phones, rather than just talking like people, it takes away from personal time with your family. It’s a distraction towards human interaction. You need to spend time with your family, especially your children, because they can be isolated to electronics, rather than being associated with human interaction.


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The Real Side – Februafy 26, 2013

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