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The Real Side – February 1, 2013

Guest:  Mr. John Doe

Topic:  Faith Friday – Atheism

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Real Side February 1, 2013

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                        Welcome to the real side, not the right side not the wrong side, but the real side I am your host Joe Messina.  Thank you so much for joining me for another hour of sanity.  Today is faith Friday, so I am only going to touch on one political issue, then dive into faith.  

            If this is your first time tuning into the show, we talk about the real, current issues, without any politico speech.   

            If you want to get involve, make sure to join me at the website www dot the real side dot com.  Once you are there, you can join the conversation by hoping on the chat room or calling me.  If you are one of those Skype types, you like that? Skype types?, anyway, you can Skype me during the show.  If you are going to be outside the signal area, we have i-pod apps, android apps, live streaming, we are everywhere.

            Faith Friday, we have the original, the real John Doe to discuss atheism.  He contacted me when I had my last atheism show with the atheist messiah. He did not like how he presented the argument and thinks he could do better.  So we will be discussing if faith is right or wrong, if there is a God or is there a higher power.  

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            Anyway, check out the website to see what the upcoming shows are going to be.

            We will also have a physiatrist on to talk about the repeated violence going on in schools, is it making kids more worried about school.  Kids used to be exited to go to school, but that is now going away.  

            Is North Korea a threat to us? Is it all smoke and mirrors? We will uncover that next week.

            Now it is faith Friday and I try to stay away from politics, but I have one story.  The job numbers are in, and the numbers are up. We have a 7.9 unemployment rate.  There where 166 thousand jobs added by the privet sector.  If we really work these numbers properly, at the surface level, we really at ten percent at unemployment.  


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The Real Side – February 1, 2013

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