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The Real Side – February 14, 2013

Guest:  Michelle Skeen – Psychologist

Topic:  Happy Valentine’s Day – Relationships & How To Make Them Stronger

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Real Side February 14, 2013

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            Welcome to The Real Side.  Not the right side, not the wrong side, but The Real Side.  I am your host Joe Messina. 

            I am not a real gooey type of guy, but I found this funny.  I was at the flower shop, and all these guys are more up tight about getting the right card then getting their taxes in on time.  I am glad I am not in that kind of relationship.  And why would you wait till the last minuet to buy your gifts?

            Any way, welcome to The Real Side.  If you want to get involved make sure you hop on my web site.  There you can take polls and listen to pod casts.  Normally I talk about political issues using real, straight talk, but today I will be focusing in on Valentines Day. 

            Our guest on the show today is psychologist Michelle Skeen.  Michelle will be discussing Relationships and hot to make them stronger, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

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            Michelle Skeen has a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, and completed her postdoctoral work at the University of California, San Francisco. She received her BA and MA from Mills College in Oakland, California.

            Remember we will still do faith Fridays, and if you pay attention I will have a guest on talking about the psychological damage that gun violence has on our youth.

            So today is Valentines Day.  I tried to look into the history of this holiday and this is the story that I think is the most accurate.   Valentine was a priest at a time when the emperor in Rome decided single men would make better soldiers than those with wives and so outlawed marriage.  Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret until he was caught and beheaded.  So now we celebrate him on Valentines Day. 

            There will be a boost to the economy today. I guarantee it.  The average American spends $119.67 on Valentines Day.  But this year it is expected to rise. Also women spend less then men.  The average woman is expected to spend only $65 on this holiday. 


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The Real Side – February 14, 2013

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