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The Real Side – February 4, 2013

Topic: Weekend Wrap-up

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Real Side February 4, 2013

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            Welcome to the Real Side, not the right side, not the wrong side, but the real side, I am your host, Joe Messina, right here on your Home town station AM 1220, KHTS.  Welcome back for another hour of sanity.  Hopefully you had a relaxing weekend.  I always enjoy having you on board today.  you need to get involved.  Do not just sit in your house and yell at the tv.  Make sure you get involved, it is so important to get involved and engaged.  Hop onto the website and sign up to my e-mail blasts.  I tall you all the time to get involved but I never tell you how.  So now I am starting some e-mail campaigns so you just need to join me.  I am doing most of the work for you anyway so just come along. 

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I got stuck on one issue this weekend.  Here is the thing, I want to know if biased on what I herd on the boy scouts, are we going to a world where we will have guys be waiters at hooters?  So the boy scouts this week announced that they will be allowing gay and lesbians in as leaders.  President Obama said there should be Gay and Lesbian leaders.   Let me take you down the road of my thinking.  This is a privet organization.  The President should keep his nose out of this.  He missed the budget mark again, he needs to get back on turning the economy around.  Get us jobs.  I agree with the president.  No one should be bared entry.  No one should be banned entry.  But why do you think he weighed in on it? Because he knows how much influence he has.  For the Scouts this means that this argument will already become more political and partisan.  He is a progressive.  I do not say that in a bad way. 



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The Real Side – February 4, 2013

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