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The Real Side – January 10, 2013

 Guest:  Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite – Author of “occupy the Bible”

Topic:  What Did Jesus Say (and do) About Money & Powers?

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The Real Side, January 10, 2013

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The Real Side with Joe Messina airs on AM-1220 KHTS Monday through Friday from 2pm-3pm.

Joe Messina sits down to talk about what is going on in the real world with real talk for real people. Joe Messina leaves out confusing political jargon so that everyone can understand and become part of the debate.

Today on The Real Side, not the right side, not the wrong side, but The Real Side, Joe Messina sits down with Dr. Susan B. Thistlethwaite to discuss her view on the economics of the Bible and how it relates to today.  Susan believes that Jesus was without a doubt a socialist. 

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Nearly tow dozen high schools in Philadelphia will be installing dispensing machines that will be distributing condoms.  This is undermining parents and encourage kids to have more sex.  Does access to more condoms mean sex will happen more? Well think about it, if something is less scary to you, are you more likely to do it? I am slightly over weight, if I could eat all the food I want without it being a health risk, I would.  Sexual health annalists are basically saying that we expect you to have sex, and we are going to enable this.  It would be better if parents gave permission to the schools to give their individual children condoms, not the way it is now when it a parent may opt out.  More than 418 schools across the nation make condoms accessible. 

I am going to start doing campaigns this year.  I am going to start sending out information to help you get engaged with the issues.  Remember to join the chat room or call me on skype and become a part of the conversation. 

Susan is coming up, she has a very left wing view of the Bible.

Many people say that “we will not be able to stop kids from having sex, we might as well be able to protect them when they do it”, but should not we have in place safe guards?  What is to stop me from driving 180 miles per hour down the freeway crashing and dying? We have laws and safe guards to protect against this. 


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The Real Side – January 10, 2013

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