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The Real Side – January 11, 2013

Guest:  Pastor David White

Topic:  Faith Friday – Is God Involved and Active In Your Life?

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The Real Side, January 11, 2013

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            Welcome to the real side with Joe Messina, where we show you the real stories with no political talk, just presented in a normal, real and easy to understand fashion. 

            In today’s show we are having Faith Friday.  Where we try to focus on how people of faith look at the world and hot they handle situations.  Today we will be having Pastor David White and ask is God involved and active in your life?

            Pleas log onto the website and get involved.  Check out the polls, sign up for my e-mail alerts, and check out all the pod casts.  If you missed the show today because you had to get out of the car or something like that you can download my pod cast, and while you are there you can check out all of the classic pod casts. 

            I am going to start to get involved in campaigns this year.  If you want to get involved, please hop on the website and join the chat room and become a part of the conversation.  You can also Skype me or call me and ask me questions. 

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            Should Christians be involved in running our government? Would it be beneficial? Is God in our lives on a daily basis? These are some of the question I will be asking our guest after the break. 

            I have been getting this question a lot. If someone has been working all their life, are they entitled to their pension? Let me just put it simply.  No.  You are not entitled to a pension, you are however entitled to your return, which is very different. 

            The other day we talked about the flag stomping teacher.  A lot of people only demonize people when they do something wrong, I think we need to congratulate people when they do things right. So I have posted the email of the supper intendeds of that school, I urge you to thank him for getting on the situation the way that he did.

            Lately I have heard some democrats realizing that not only will the so called “rich” be the only ones who are experiencing tax increases.  I hear people saying “my paycheck has been decreasing and I don’t feel comfortable with that”.  Come on, where you not paying attention this whole election? 



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The Real Side – January 11, 2013

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