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The Real Side – January 18, 2013

Guest:  Jonathan Kraut Buddhist

Topic:  Faith Friday.  Jonathan Kraut Buddhist joins Joe to discuss good and evil. Tune in and get informed about religious beliefs.

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The Real Side, January 18, 2013

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Welcome to the real side with Joe Messina, remember not the right side, not the wrong side but the real side.  If you want to get involved with the issues, log onto my website.  There you can sign up for my e-mail blasts, take one of the polls I have up, if you miss today’s episode because you have to step out of the car you can find the podcast’s of today’s show there and you can also check out all the classic pod cast’s while you are at it. 

            We should call this faith Friday, we should call this freaky Friday, my computer is doing some weird stuff, but I think I can handle it.   So what do we talk about on this show? We talk about the real issues with out any confusing politico speech. 

            Anyway thank you for joining me today, I want to thank my politically incorrect posse, that is right my pips.  Today is faith Friday, where we discuss a specific faith and how it views the world and how its followers should act.  Today we will be talking about Buddhism today. 

            We will also be talking about our states financial situation. I read the other day that more people are receiving money from the state than are paying into it.  That can not continue.  Our government will not continue to sustain itself like this.  I hear Government employees say they pay taxes, but that is just paying taxes with tax money. 

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            So lets get to the main topic of this month.  Guns guns guns guns.  Everyone is talking about guns.  This year less than three hundred soldiers died in battle, over three hundred veterans committed suicide.   And we are not focusing on this. 

            The president job council did not meet one time in this past year.  Could you imagine never meeting with your financial counselor for a whole year?  That means zero ideas from his job counsel but he still keeps them, just never meets with them.

            A lot of people are having issue with the president swearing in on a Bible.  They do not think it should happen.  President Obama is swearing in on not one but two bibles.  One of them was owned by Abraham Lincoln and the other by Martin Luther King Jr.  I think this is great. 




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The Real Side – January 18, 2013

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