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The Real Side – January 21, 2012

Topic: OPEN MIC – MLK Day

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The Real Side with Joe Messina on January 18, 2013

 The Real Side with Joe Messina is a politically focused show that centers on political issues ranging from health-care, gun control, religion, and everything in between. The Real Side is a show that challenges political views, and personally views, on life. This is neither the right side nor the wrong side, but it is the REAL side on political issues that are currently taking place in modern society.

 Joe Messina opens his show with a recap on Obama’s Inauguration, highlighting the highs and the lows of the presidents second-term of office inauguration speech. Joe also leads into a discussion on Martin Luther King, Jr. and discusses the importance of his legacy and Joe decides to take a minute in dedication to Martin Luther, Jr. Joe provides you with information on his life leading up to his assassinated. Joe challenges listeners to take a minute to admire the man who drastically altered the course of freedom and equality in the United States, providing listeners with a brief segment from the famous “I Have A Dream” speech made by Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Joe shares his opinions on Martin Luther King, and shares why this emotionally speech drastically changed the course of history for the better. Today’s show is designed to be an Open Mic Monday episode, where he allows listeners to openly share their opinions and express the issues that are on their mind. This is a fantastic opportunity for people with a lot on their mind to openly share their personally opinions on top of anything else that might be filling up their mind and conversations.

 Make sure to tune Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between the hours of 2pm-3pm to catch up with Joe Messina and his variety of political, religious, and personal banter on past, present, and future issues that you need to be informed on.

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The Real Side – January 21, 2012

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