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The Real Side – January 22, 2013

Guest:  Ed Ring – Editor of

Topic:  Government vs. Private Sector Pay Scales

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The Real Side, January 22, 2013

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The Real Side with Joe Messina airs on AM-1220 KHTS Monday through Friday from 2pm-3pm. Not the right side, not the wrong side, it’s The Real Side with Joe Messina.


            Welcome to The Real side with Joe Messina, this is where we talk about the real issues of the day without any confusing political talk.  Just the issues in a way that we can all understand.

Anyway there is a lot going on today, so make sure to pay attention.  I want to thank my pips again, that is right, my Pips, that is p I p s.  my political incorrect posse.

            This week we will talk about did the fiscal cliff debate have to go down the way it did, we will also talk about jobs later in the week, the amount of unemployed.  It just does not add up.

            Crazy stuff going on, I love goofy things going on.  We have found a 5 year old terrorist.  That is right a five year old girl making terrorist threats.  She was suspended for threatening a classmate to shoot them with her bubble shooter.  They suspended her for 10 days but lessened it to two.  This school suspended a five year old girl for being a terrorist by threatening a girl to shoot her with her pink hello kitty bubble gun.  The charge against her was lessened from a terrorist threat to just threatening to harm a student. 

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    How a bubble can be dangerous? I have no idea.  Is this political correctness? There is so much happening at the high school level but we focus on this.  Why is she in trouble? Is it because she made a threat? Or because the threat was with a gun?  The funny thing was that she did not even have the toy with her.  The teacher called her out in front of the whole class saying that the police could get involved.  This would bring any five year old to tears.  That would be a great teaching moment.  Instead of making it a stupid moment, just tell the class I know bubbles can not hurt anyone, but you got angry at another student and threatened them, it could have been a great teaching  moment in the class room, but it just got out of hand.


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The Real Side – January 22, 2013

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