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The Real Side – January 4, 2013

Guest:  Rabbi Mark Blazer – Temple Beth Ami

Topic:  Faith Friday

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The Real Side, January 3, 2013

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      The real side with Joe Messina is your go to source for what is going on in the world, the real side does not waist time with confusing political jargon, Joe keeps his conversations on topic and right to the point.  Listeners are encouraged to be a part of the show by logging onto the real side .com and joining the chat room during the show, take the poll, and download today’s pod cast and all the classic podcast’s or come online and listen to me live.

      This week on the Real Side, not the right side, not the wrong side but the Real side, Joe Messina tackles a heavy spiritual discussion of faith Friday with the help of Rabbi Mark Blazer.   


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         Joe is starting to bring back faith Friday and try and discover where faith is in today’s day and age. Topics like where was God in the school shooting last week.  First topic that Joe talks about is the story of a Lesbian couple trying to get their sperm donor to pay child support.  After the couple split up, they still maintain split custody of their eight children and filed for government assistance, a judge ordered that the name of their sperm donor be released, once doing so, the man was ordered to pay child support.   The man fallowed the rules and broke no laws, and he was only doing a favor is now being punished.  The main problem is that this married couple is living in a state that doesn’t accept same sex couples, this causes lots of confusion.  This is why same sex marriage needs to be a federal case.  Most people say that I needs to change state by state but if it continues in this fashion, people will continue to run into problems like this. 

            Rabbi Mark Blazer comes in at the bottom of the hour to discuss faith in the time of tragedy such as the recent school shooting.  Rabbi Mark points out that unfortunately, the Jewish community was in the middle of Hanukkah, a festival of joy, lights and celebration, and it is such a shame that tragedies such as this comes at such a time.  But remember that God’s presence was there.  As a nation we were all touched, we where all driven towards sadness and longing to help.  That is where God resided in this situation. 



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The Real Side – January 4, 2013

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