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The Real Side – January 7, 2013

The Real Side – January 7, 2013


Topic:  Weekend Wrap Up!

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The Real Side, January 7, 2013

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Today’s Show:


Welcome today for another week of sanity! “It’s Monday. Time to hit all the stories that slid through over the weekend. What do you want to talk about? Let me know!

“Today is my weekend clean up day we are going to clean up from the mess made over the weekend. 

Like I said this Is Joe Messina with the real side, not the right side, not the wrong side, but the real side.  All the pod cast’s are on the website including all the classic pod casts.

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At the bottom of the hour I will have a guest from the radio show called Relationships 2.O.  There are a few things that you may have not known, that pedophilia is on the rise.  Not the act itself, but people have been talking about it, making it seem not as bad as it is.

Also on this show we will talk about if traditional marriage can survive in this country.  Also what will happen to the American dollar and I will discuss a woman who protected herself and her home by shooting an intruder six times.

            Recently teen mom had extensive surgery.  Not only to herself, people are upset that she has been trying to wax her daughters uni-brow. This just goes to show that we have such a superficial society.  Get involved in the conversation, call 855 real joe, also you can hop on the chat room and get involved or skype me joe messina. 

Over the weekend I found a couple articles about pedophilia.  And the thing that floored me is that these articles took the view point that pedophilia is not a bad thing, just society has made it a bad thing.  Also there are a lot of kids saying that they are in fact the greatest generation in all time.  What in the world makes them think that? I have no idea

            Teen mom claims that a historical moment in her and her daughters life is the time where she had to decide weather or not to wax her daughters uni-brow.  How many other women are out there are doing this kind of thing? 



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The Real Side – January 7, 2013

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