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The Real Side – January 9, 2013

Topic: Can Traditional Marriage Be Saved?

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The Real Side, January 7, 2013

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Today’s Show:

Welcome today for another week of sanity! Today is Wednesday, the topic is Marriage. Can Traditional Marriage be saved? Or will the future change traditional marriage.

Like I said this Is Joe Messina with the real side, not the right side, not the wrong side, but the real side.  All the pod cast’s are on the website including all the classic pod casts.

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On this show we will talk about if traditional marriage can survive in this country. Is Money the main problem in modern relationships? We also talk about “Lethal Businesses”, and a Chicago teachers opinion on “Lethal Businesses”. Is there a “disconnect” in our country? Is her message not reaching the right people? Are we putting school teachers in harms way?

Also on the show, Is Senator Harry Reid one of the smartest men in politics? Why does he say that FEMA was to the aid of Hurricane Katrina immediately, when they were not. Was he mis-informed?

Legalizing same-sex marriage is one of the hot issues of our time. Ryan Anderson Co-Author of “What is Marriage?” Makes the case for defending traditional marriage. How can we save traditional marriage? Abortion is also Discussed on the show, will it ever settle? Recently a same-sex couple in Kansas wanted to have a baby and turned to a sperm donor but when the two split, the donor is stuck with the bill. There is still a lot of issues with this, marriage is marriage, a loving home is a loving home. Once you severe the tie for Male-Female union then why not be married to multiple people. You can love more than one person so why not be married to a group of people? 

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The Real Side – January 9, 2013

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