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The Real Side – March 25, 2013

Host: Joe Messina

Guest: Just Joe Today!

Topic: Weekend Recap and More!


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The Real Side – March 25, 2013


Today on the Real Side, Joe breaks down many of the news stories that appeared over the weekend, including:

-News from Starbucks’ annual shareholder meeting that one of the shareholders expressed concern that Starbucks was supporting marriage equality. Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz was quoted as responding: “It is not an economic decision. The lens in which we are making that decision is through the lens of our people. We employ over 200,000 people in this company and we want to embrace diversity, of all kinds. If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 percent that you got last year, it’s a free country, you can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in other companies.” Joe largely agrees with Schultz’ stance, and feels that those who disagree with Starbucks should just not go there. He would also like people who are upset about Chic-Fil-A supporting “traditional” marriage to just not eat there as well. It is a free country, after all.

Also, Joe has an update on a story from last week: a teacher had students write the name “Jesus” on a piece of paper, than throw it on the floor and stomp on it. The goal of this lesson was unclear, but at least one student was offended by the exercise and spoke out against it. Now the news has come out that Florida Atlantic University, the school where this took place, has apologized for the assignment, and assured the public that the school will not do this again.

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The Real Side – March 25, 2013

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