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The Real Side – March 7, 2011

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The March Party Show

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National ID cards on the Way?, to become a tax collector for California? and The Wisconsin dilemma, Should the Governor hold strong.?
The Party Show!
Bruce McFarland(D), Dianna Shaw(D)
Scott Wilk(R) and Me, Joe Messina.
Democrats and Republicans discuss the
Issues of the Day!

Steve Frank on the National ID card
coming March 11th, are you ready?

Senator George Runner on a bill that would require
Amazon to collect sales tax for their contractors
SURE! This will keep business in California…
Shutting Down the Government!
Why Not! No Money, No Work!

Wisconsin Government! The chant heard across the country?
What now? OHIO and other states have moved
quickly to enact laws against state workers
collective bargaining! Is the DOJ lurking around
the corner waiting for the right time to move on them?

The Real Side – March 7, 2011

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