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The Real Side – May 7, 2013

Host: Joe Messina

Guest: Mike S. Adams
Topic:     “Letters to a Young Progressive”

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The Real Side withJoe Messina. Monday – Friday from 2-3pm. Cutting through the political spin with real facts, real talk and real issues. It’s not the right side, not the wrong side, it’s The Real Side.

The Real Side with Joe Messina – May 7, 2013


Mike S. Adam’s Book Letters To A Young Progressive…

Mike S. Adams’s new book counters the soured, cynical worldview that students acquire in the liberal university system. Presented as a series of letters between Adams and his former student, Zach, Letters to a Young Progressive reveals how the “education” of college kids across the country is producing a generation of unhappy, unimaginative, and unproductive adults. The perfect book to help parents prevent–or undo–the ubiquitous liberal brainwashing of their children before it is too late.


In Letters to a Young Progressive Mike Adams leaves no stone unturned in challenging the full gamut of progressive thinking. In his letters, Adams addresses issues ranging from institutional racism, speech codes on college campuses, feminism, redistribution of wealth, same-sex marriage, cultural relativism, abortion rights, gun control and progressives’ theories on crime and delinquency to name but a few. In each case Adams wastes little time in pointing out the flaws in the progressive argument and offers up what he considers to be common sense alternatives. In my view it proves to be a very effective technique. He makes his case in a powerful yet easy-to-comprehend way. Sadly, it would appear that all too many of his students have either never been exposed to many of these ideas or have turned their back on them as a result of the indoctrination that they have received at school. I have witnessed this personally on a number of occasions and it is a very sad thing to see. Life is too short to spend years harboring irrational anger about things and ideas you really don’t understand in the first place. One has to wonder what parents are really paying for when they pack their kids off to college these days.

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The Real Side – May 7, 2013

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