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The Science Project by Callie Klivans

Hi, my name is Callie Klivans and I’m a 5th grader at Mitchell School in the Sulphur Springs School District.


I will be reviewing The Science Project, written and illustrated by me, Callie Klivans.  It was written in 2004 and is 13 pages long.


The Science Project tells about a beautiful red robin named Clover that learns the hard way about responsibility.  After forgetting to do a group science project with her friends, she loses them and tries different ways to get them back.  Everyday, Clover gets dirty, mad, ugly looks on her friend’s faces.  When she got home, she and her mom thought of a plan to get her friends back, but she didn’t succeed.  The characters in my story are Clover, Mama Robin, The Fairy, The Teacher, Sam, Harry, Patty, and Brianna.  Read on to find out what happens to Clover.


My opinion on The Science Project is that it was very interesting reading and writing this story.  For example, when Clover told her teacher that she didn’t do her science project, I couldn’t put it down.


This book also has a moral to the story.  I encourage young readers to read The Science Project because it teaches you about responsibility and to learn from your experiences.





The Science Project by Callie Klivans

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