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Thinking Green at Home

Follow these simple tips to help you save the cash and the environment

1. Dispose of hazardous waste properly – Cleaners, oils, paints, pesticides, batteries, and solvents can contaminate the soil and groundwater and need to be handled and disposed of separately from your household trash. Electronics, such as cell phones and computers, must be disposed of separately as well. They can contain mercury and other toxins that can be extremely harmful to the environment.

2. Cut down on excess waste – Buying in bulk can save you money and help lower the extra packaging waste as well. Drinking purified tap water from a reusable water bottle also helps save money on water while eliminating excess container waste. And use garage sales and craigslist to find furniture and appliances rather than buying brand new. Recycling furniture and appliances helps lower waste and can save you cash too.

3. Recycle, recycle, recycle - Everything from printer ink cartridges, to phonebooks, to plastic and cardboard is recyclable and reusable, and can even be profitable. Separate all recyclable products from your regular household trash, and collect your bottles and cans. They can be redeemed putting cash in your pocket while you help save the environment.



Thinking Green at Home

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