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Thinking Green At Work

Though many companies are already recycling their office paper, you can clean up your office by employing and encouraging some of these money-saving practices.

Copy on both sides of the paper. This is especially efficient for internal documents and drafts.


Reduce documents to fit two pages onto one. Use for circulating rough drafts or file copies of documents.


Use lighter weight paper. Lighter paper requires less energy and fewer raw materials when it's manufactured.


Consider purchasing ecoEnvelopes. These envelopes were recently approved by the United States Postal Service and can cut your mail costs 15% to 45% — by eliminating the need to print, store, handle, insert, track and include a separate reply envelope. Reusable envelopes send an important message that you care about the environment. Learn more:

Use your e-mail and other tech-savvy alternatives whenever possible. Instead of printing out e-mails, organize the folders in your inbox for good record keeping and easy access.

Thinking Green At Work

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