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Total Financial Safer Money Hour -December 18, 2012

Co-Host:  Jeff Girard

Hour #1- Retirement Income Solutions

Hour #2 – Retirement Options for 2013


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Hey welcome to the show, Jeff Girard is joining me today. I’m Arif Halaby total financial solutions safer money hour ok your family’s finances, how do we make it so that our valleys financial situation is a little bit better than it used to be? Than it was? Look, we have to look at it as what can we do to make sure that our family’s finances are taken care of and not in a position to lose everything if there’s a problem in Grease or there’s a problem with the fiscal cliff or this political strategist party making you know waves of financial issues.

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People forget, we forget that we put the politicians in office.  There have been a lot of instances over the last five to ten years where societies have come up and taken political lingers I should say and getting them out of this system right? What was it, Gray Davis that was recalled in the state of California? That’s very hard to do.  One we are a large state and two, it is very hard to undo an election.  And when you start to see that recall kicking in over time, you start to see weather it’s a recall via term limits or it’s a recall over cutting somebody done from the middle of there term, or just changing the path way.  We get the government we deserve I guess is what they say. We pick them.  Ya so we need to really focus in on saying “ok are they finding solutions or continually fighting problems, are they blaming every one else’s success, or are they looking at trying to find a way for making every body else wealthier?” And I think really, Jeff when I look at it, it’s one political party sees the pie as fixed, so in order for you to win, I have to lose.   Or I have to take some of yours.  That’s right, because there’s no way that the pie can get bigger.  And the other believes that it can.  The other political party says we can continually grow our pie, we don’t have to take from others.  It’s almost like a pessimistic and an optimistic view point. 

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Total Financial Safer Money Hour -December 18, 2012

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