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Total Financial Safer Money Hour – January 22, 2013

Co-host:  Jeff Girard

Guest:  Mark Murphy

Topic Hour 1-  Tips for Dealing With Debt Collectors

Topic Hour 2-  Kick Your Bad Money Habits


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Total Financial Safer Money Hour –January 22, 2013

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Arif Halaby of Total Financial Solutions host Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour which airs on AM-1220 KHTS Tuesdays from 12pm-2pm.

Arif Halaby Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour, welcome to the show. 

Why do we call it safer money hour?  I believe that encompasses so many things in the financial world.  It could be keeping you out of debt or balancing your finances, making sure your house is paid off.  Here is an example, what if you go to the doctors and they bill the wrong insurance.  You get a check up and they bill it to your dental insurance?  It is a simple mistake that happens easily.  And this sort of thing could go unresolved for months and say your credit score has taken hits before and now you need to buy a house or a car.  If you take too long, the debt could be sold off to someone who is better at collecting debt than the insurance company.  They do not care if you owe it or not.  They just want you to pay. 

I had a friend who called me saying that they need a ride to go pick up a car.  I asked what was wrong with his car.  He said nothing but he needed to get another car.  It turns out his ex girlfriend and him shared a lees on the car.  She could no longer pay for it and called him saying “I am leaving the car downtown with the windows down and the key in the ignition, if you want it come and get it.  If not I am sure someone else will take it. 

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When it comes to finances, you need to take control.  Whether it is debt collection or something else you need to handle it.  Get a pen and paper out, when we come back we will be talking about how to take control of your finances and debt.  Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour, coming up right after these messages. 

Welcome back, we are talking about your families finances.  When it comes to debt collections, there can be two sides of the store.  There is the side where you do owe the debt and the company needs to come after your and get the money, there is also the side where you do not owe the debt and it is up to the company to prove that it is your debt that you owe. 


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Total Financial Safer Money Hour – January 22, 2013

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