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Loan Modifications For Santa Clarita Homeowners

Toll Free: 1-888-VERDILAW (837-3452) offices is Santa Clarita, Burbank and Beverly Hills

  • Loss Mitigation / Loan Modification
  • Loan Negotiation Professionals
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Lender Rate & Term Restructuring
  • Loan Modification
  • Redefault Cases/Remodification of Loans
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Short Sale Packaging & Monitoring

HOMEOWNERS ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THEIR RIGHTS OR OPTIONS – Typically, Santa Clarita Homeowners have no one to provide them with assistance in rectifying their delinquency situations – they simply aren’t familiar with the rights or options they have available to stop the foreclosure process. As a result, they are inundated with dozens of calls from real estate investors, who naturally want their property, or attorneys, who advise them to file bankruptcy – not knowing that Loss Mitigation will take less time, and produce a much more favorable result. These professionals do not have the homeowner’s interest at heart, trying to take advantage of the homeowner’s misfortune. Without some intervention from an outside source, foreclosure is right around the corner.

WE PROVIDE THE LEGAL RESOURCES needed for Santa Clarita homeowners to determine first off whether your lender violated the law in underwriting and documenting your loan package. Were you fully informed under the law then in existence? Did they comply with the law in all the disclosures made to you? Many other facets of legal compliance combine with our skills in negotiating with Lenders, to allow you, the client, to improve your situation.

The Firm will first review your entire loan package that you signed up to, or if unavailable, demand the lender provide it. In many instances the lenders have violated laws regarding mandatory disclosure to borrowers under federal and state law. This “breach” by the lenders gives the Firm the leverage they exploit in dealing with the lender for a settlement which manifests itself as a modification to your loan that you can afford. If Bankruptcy is the option of last resort for you, then we can handle that, too.

Call the offices of Al Verdi or visit for more information Founder/Principal at Verdi Law Group, Inc. a Professional Corporation Law Offices of Alfred J. Verdi

Currently practicing law in greater Los Angeles with focus on Real Estate litigation, Estate Planning, Financial analysis including Loan Renegotiation, loss mitigation and foreclosure avoidance. With dual training as Real Estate Broker


Verdi Law

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