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Vibrant Living By Vayu Yoga – June 10, 2014

Host: Wendy Hassenpflug

Guest: Rachel Russell

Topic: Flexibility, Stretching

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Tune in twice a month on Tuesdays to the Vibrant Living by Vayu Yoga Show. Learn how yoga can transform the way you view yourself and the world around you.

On today’s show Wendy has on a special guest, Rachel Russell who is a personal trainer that works at The Paseo Club here in Valencia. Rachel has been practicing yoga for 12 years now and shares with us some of her other workouts and why yoga is so important to her. They discuss why stretching is so overlooked and how important stretching is to a workout. Rachel talks about how important stretching and flexibility are and how yoga can help with so much more than just gaining flexibility. Yoga helps with stress and a recently published study that followed people with high blood pressure for 20 years found that those who practiced yoga were likely to live 25% longer than if they did practice yoga at all. Rachel tells us that the most important part is starting.

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Vibrant Living By Vayu Yoga – June 10, 2014

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