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Who Gets The Rebate On Octo-Mom’s Humvee?

We recently launched a year-end feature called “What Were
They Thinking?”

With the current state of affairs, I think it might be
appropriate to make that a more frequent item… here goes…


I recently talked to Congressman Buck McKeon about his
feelings on the economic stimulus plan being voted on in Congress and he didn’t
sound too keen on it. What he kept hammering on was his idea (and, by McKeon’s
own admission, apparently that of just few others) of giving people who bought
new cars a $5,000 to $10,000 immediate rebate. People buying used cars would
get less, of course.

The natural question pops up: Would this rebate go to those
buying an import car? Money in the local economy is still money.

What my real question is, though, is why help just the
population who want to be saddled with another car payment? Do we give them the
$5-10K so they can spend it at Kohl’s or so they can pay a mortgage payment?

And what about a much larger segment of the population:
those who don’t want, need or can’t afford to buy a car?

Where’s the bailout there? Or is living in a newer car the
answer to foreclosure? I can hear the car salesman (who is one of the few
people with a job, thanks to Buck’s stimulus package):

“I’m sorry you lost your 4-bedroom house in the Summit,
but hey, those new Ford Explorers are plenty roomy, aren’t they?”

Here’s my immediate rebate: drop the partisan crap and work
on a deal. If you think you’re being left out of the discussion, 16 years in
the halls of government should give you the chops to get in, be heard and make
a difference.

Republicans are crying and gnashing their teeth about the horrible
affront to the human race taking place in the halls of government. Why wasn’t
it such a travesty when the Republican majority passed legislation despite unanimous
Democratic opposition?

It’s time for the name calling and finger pointing to stop
and save this country now. If you can’t play nice, get out of the sandbox.


So the mother of the year who had us all in awe birthing
eight babies has now come clean about her six other children, making her a
single mother with 14 mouths to feed. She’s in a house her parents went into
hock to buy for her and she somehow found the money to hire a publicist.

The reason we can’t figure out what’s wrong with this
picture is because nobody knows where to start!

This episode of medical history will surely be revealed as a
crash-and-burn of the mental health system, as well as one huge ethical gaffe by
a “specialist” in reproductive health.

We’re supposed to be impressed because she put herself
through school even though she had several mouths to feed at home. And in a
twisted case of doctor-heal-thyself, this woman worked as a mental health
technician and was getting her masters’ degree in the same field.

What the ?

Octo-mom has no doubt seen the generosity of companies that
provide parents of multiple birth babies with free goodies; cars, car seats, food,
diapers and scholarships and is hoping some of them will come forward with her
ticket to the gravy train. Public opinion, however, has turned somewhat against
that generosity in this case, something the single Ms. Suleman should have
considered before finding the doctor who skipped the Hippocratic oath (that
little ditty that starts out “First, do no harm…”) and implanted eight embryos
in her uterus.

Someone who really studied mental health would have figured
that out. You’d hope.

I am all for helping out new parents, especially if they’ve
had an unfortunate turn of events or something completely out of this world has
blessed them. But I’m totally against rewarding bad behavior.

I swear if I see Suleman and the Gang of 14 hugging Ty
Pennington when he tells them “Welcome Home” on Extreme Home Makeover, I’ll
picket ABC-TV headquarters myself.

Suleman’s mother has told the media that her daughter wants
to make a point as a single mother of this overwhelming brood. That’s a nice
thought, but it doesn’t pan out in reality.

We’re not talking eight dolls or action figures here.

While their current focus is on eating, crying and pooping,
these babies are people – eight individuals bringing up the rear of a family of
14 who will be raised by a single delusional woman.

Some mother of the year.


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Who Gets The Rebate On Octo-Mom’s Humvee?

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