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For caffeine lovers in Santa Clarita looking for the newest, most innovative coffee maker and a bolder tasting brew without the bitterness, the search is over. iCoffee by Remington is the brewer for you. iCoffee is world’s first coffee maker with patented SteamBrew technology. Santa Clarita businessman Bruce Burrows, owner of Remington Water in Valencia, invented the SteamBrew process. Burrows spent spent seven years perfecting this new technology.

The SteamBrew process brews your choice of coffee by steaming the grounds, causing them to tumble and collide against each other. This collision allows a more even extraction of coffee and a perfectly smooth taste.

This new method is more efficient because it eliminates the often bitter taste coffee drinkers experience. Bitterness is due to an uneven drip on the grounds, which creates too much acid and unwanted coffee oils in your brew.

The iCoffee’s SteamBrew method causes an even extraction of the coffee, eliminating the bitter taste and maintaining strength and superb flavor, full-bodied, smooth and rich. Unlike standard drip, French press or single press products, iCoffee’s new improvements will give you the best taste out of your coffee, whether it’s a single cup or a whole pot, and all with minimal effort.

iCoffee Savings and Features for Coffee Connoisseurs

Features of the iCoffee include a 12-cup fully automated pot, 24-hour programming, automatic shutoff, a two-hour keep-warm option — and the smoothest tasting coffee you ever had. The pot’s futuristic shape has a window that allows you to watch the SteamBrew process in action and see the rich coffee crema that gives you such tremendous flavor.

A unique optional perk is the music feature that plays notes from Mozart concertos while your coffee brews. The process is fairly quick, taking only about a minute per cup to brew.

The iCoffee pot is durable, lightweight and eco-friendly. The likewise eco-friendly filter is gold toned, reusable and dishwasher-safe. The pot does not require paper filters, and there is up to a 15 percent reduction in coffee usage because of the evenly extracted SteamBrew method. Less coffee, no paper filters – that’s a tremendous saving over time.

Remington is a trusted brand that has been associated with coffee brewing since 1846. There is no affiliation with Apple because of the commonly seen “i,” however, the letter stands for innovation.

Where to Buy iCoffee

iCoffee by Remington can be ordered online by going to the Bloomingdale’s or Frontgate websites. Santa Clarita residents can also listen to AM 1220 KHTS radio for on-air promotions selling iCoffee for only $169.00. Home Shopping Network will also debut iCoffee in the first week of November.