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Jennifer Faustino, Make-Up Artist

Jennifer Faustino - Make-Up Artist

Your makeup, whether it is for a birthday party, prom, or a wedding, will make you stand out from the crowd. At big events such as these, photos will definitely be taken and carried along with you for years on end. This is why you want to look your absolute best when you present yourself at these gatherings.

Jennifer Faustino, a makeup artist located in Los Angeles, will ensure that your makeup and hair is on point with your outfit and event. The makeup that you may normally wear every single day may not match the event that you will be attending. However, with the help of Jennifer Faustino, you will not have to worry about a thing. Jennifer Faustino, born and raised in the glamorous city of Los Angeles, knew that makeup was her passion from an early age.Jennifer Faustino

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Growing up, Jennifer would often practice her makeup skills on her sisters and friends, and she carried her skills with her as she got older. Jennifer has transformed her passion of makeup into something greater and unimaginable. Now, Jennifer Faustino is able to pursue a career of her own interest, where she shares her passion and skills among the residents of Los Angeles and beyond. Jennifer had no idea of the great tasks that she would experience upon graduating high school.

After Jennifer got her high school diploma, she got a job on the NBC hit show “The Voice,” where she worked with the assistants. After Jennifer worked as a makeup artist on “The Voice”, she was absolutely excited and knew that this was the right path for her.

Jennifer currently works as a freelance artist for various films, television shows, photography shoots, bridal photos, and other special events. Her wide range of skills for various events sets her apart from other competitive freelance artists. Jennifer’s work is displayed in various magazines, such as Vogue Italia, Bellus Magazine, and Ladygunn Magazine.

Besides magazines, Jennifer has also worked for Adult Swim, VH1, and the Food Network. On these shows, she has worked with many well-known actors, such as Adam Scott. Her talent and skill-set is shown in her work, and next time you have to do your makeup for an event or special occasion, don’t worry and contact Jennifer Faustino.

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Jennifer Faustino Make-Up Artist

Jennifer Faustino