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Joseph Saenz Makeup

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Joseph Saenz began his prestigious career as the Super Team Lead Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder in 1983. He has been teaching women how to look their best for 25 years, while working for ultra high profile cosmetic companies. In 1988, Ultima II hired him away from Estee Lauder to represent their line as the National Makeup Artist as it came to the fashion forefront of the cosmetic industry. Joseph’s artistic abilities and creativity continued to expand his recognition in the cosmetic industry. This resulted in Joseph being awarded/honored with the highly coveted Premiere Artist position for the elite cosmetic company Yves Saint Laurent.

Joseph continued developing his unique sense of style, creating beautiful looks for women of every age and ethnic background. He realized that by combining quality cosmetics with proper “Techniques”, the result was always beautiful! He also realized that one of the key factors in a great makeup application is a foundation blended to your unique, natural skin color. In order to achieve this perfect match, Joseph often combined 2 or 3 formulas and shades of foundation while working for the multi-national cosmetic companies. The result? A custom blended foundation that provides the desired coverage while truly matching the natural skin tone.

Armed with extraordinary knowledge and skill, Joseph knew it was time to move forward with the development his own line of custom blended cosmetics: Joseph Saenz Makeup was born and “Techniques” his own personalized skincare and makeup line was launched. Personal attention to detail, custom blended foundation, powders and concealers prepared from the finest ingredients are at the heart of Joseph’s unrivaled system.

Joseph delights in educating his clients, something very few makeup artists are willing to do. He loves to share the “Techniques” he has developed over the years. He understands quality products only have a beautiful result if you know how to use them! Joseph is available for private lessons, makeup applications, seminars and production work.

One of the favorite features of Joseph Saenz Makeup is “Makeup by Mail.” Your makeup can be sent right to door with a simple phone call or by placing your order on-line. Once you’ve had our foundation custom blended, your personalized formula can be ordered by mail, and because your precise formula is kept in our data base, it’s perfect every time you order.

Telephone: 818 469.7950 | 877 799-4576 (4JSM)

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I have been using Joseph’s expertise for over 3 years now, and couldn’t be happier! His product knowledge is wonderful, and his interest in getting things “just right” are really a treat. I really used to hate going to the make-up counter at Macy’s only to talk to a person who had just gotten out of training for that product line two days ago and I would never see again just got sooo old… It is really frustrating when you know more about the product line than the salesperson. His prices are very competetive and his application techniques are great. I love his complementary birthday makeover. I’ll be using Joseph until they put me in the ground!, at which point I will be looking fabulous!

Rating: 5 stars, by Linda on 06/12/2010