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Sacramento Road Trip – Lobbying Items – Water Policy Priorities

Santa Clarita Valley Community Trip to Sacramento

Issue: Californians deserve a reliable water supply, and they are counting on their elected officials to resolve whatever challenges stand in the way of delivering it.

Background: California water agencies strongly support passage of a comprehensive water package this year. The package should include investments in additional surface and groundwater storage, a comprehensive Delta solution (including conveyance and environmental protection) and water use efficiency.

•    A comprehensive package is needed to address a growing list of challenges, including looming changes in our climate, continued population growth and the increasing vulnerability of the Delta.

•    Without a comprehensive water package, our water system will not have the flexibility to respond to the challenges ahead. The water supplies for more than 25 million people in the Bay Area, Central and Southern California will be at risk.

•    ACWA’s 2005 water policy document, No Time to Waste: A Blueprint for California Water, called for significant water system investments as part of a comprehensive plan to address looming challenges and meet the state’s future water needs.

•    Governor Schwarzenegger has echoed that call with his Strategic Growth Plan, which proposes a comprehensive suite of investments in water storage, Delta sustainability and water use efficiency.

•    As part of his Strategic Growth Plan for the state, the governor proposed an $11.9 billion bond measure to fund investments in the state’s water system, improve Delta sustainability, restore key ecosystems and expand water use efficiency efforts.

•    The Governor’s initiative is an historic opportunity to move forward with the comprehensive investments so critically needed. With the Governor, the Legislature, and the media all focused on water, the time to act is now.

•    We shouldn’t wait for a natural disaster such as flood, earthquake or severe drought to take action. There is too much at stake to wait.

Requested Action: Support the Governor’s Strategic Growth Plan and proposed Bond Measure.  

Sacramento Road Trip – Lobbying Items – Water Policy Priorities

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