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The Sacramento Road Trip 2012 Experience

By Monique Da Cunhasac2012one

Special Thanks to KHTS

My name is Monique Da Cunha and I was nominated by the Optimist Club to attend the annual Sacramento trip. (DaCunha, center front, crouching)

Before I went on this trip I already had high expectations for the experiences I was going to have; but to be honest, the actual experience over passed all of those expectations. I was already considering politics revolved around international relations, but this trip truly confirmed my curiosity.

To most sitting at home that have nothing to do with government activities think that their opinion doesn’t matter—that the government already knows what they want to do.  But that is FAR from true.

When we went to Sacramento they discussed various issues that directly affected our city of Santa Clarita.They debated and expressed their passion over the issues they were being faced with, and I seriously doubt that what was said will go unheard.

SCV leaders are so passionate about what they support and it made me realize that every single person has the power to make a difference. I know how cheesy that sounds because one probably hears that a lot in their life time. But we the people truly underestimate the power of that statement.

I was always in search of a career that involved what I loved to do and made a difference in people’s lives. I have now found that career.  When I was on the bus back home the only thing I could think about, was how mad I was about how the amount of time I have here on earth because it isn’t enough time to make all the differences I want to make—and thinking that made me realize why the leaders of the Santa Clarita Valley are so passionate toward maintaining an excellent education system for their kids. It is because it is crucial that educators now, create a generation with a mindset like mine.

We need each generation to have the drive and capacity to make a difference; and without a good education system we are throwing away all the hard work the government had done because it won’t be carried on to later generations. This trip changed my mindset more than one can imagine and I cannot thank Optimist Club enough for granting me this unforgettable experience.


The Canyon Country Optimists club provides two scholarships every year for two Canyon High School students to participate in the annual KHTS Radio Sacramento Trip. For more information, visit their website here.



The Sacramento Road Trip 2012 Experience

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