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Sacramento Road Trip 2013 – School Districts

Public Schools are the fundamental democratic institutions in this great nation and state.  We serve as the great equalizer across race, ethnicity and socio-economics.  We are the promise of a brighter future for ALL students.  SCV Schools rank among the lowest funded districts in the state.   Since 2007, our schools have lost millions of dollars in funding resulting in fewer school days, furlough days, increased class size, cancelled summer school opportunities, staff reductions and diminished resources for daily operations.

Accomplishments-With the support and commitment of parents, staff and communities:

We serve more than 52,000 students and their families in the communities of Canyon Country, Castaic, Newhall, Saugus, Valencia and the city of Santa Clarita in NorthernLos AngelesCounty.

Our districts are high achieving with Annual Performance Index scores (APIs) ranging from 838- 906.

Our students reflect greater diversity than ever with over 7,000 English Language Learners representing more than 39 languages. 

Schools in each district have consistently been recognized as California Distinguished Schools with some achieving National Blue Ribbon, Title 1 Achieving School and Middle Schools to Watch status.

Collectively, our districts are the largest employer in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Advocacy 1: Improve Student Achievement by Implementing Common Core and 21st Century Skills for ALL Students.

  • Need for a reasonable transition time with adequate funding for professional development for Common Core and 21stCentury Skills
  • Need for compatible infrastructure,  technology and software to create 21st Century classrooms and implement the new assessments
  • Need for texts, materials and resources to teach the common core and 21st Century skills
  • Need for state-funded universal preschool for all children to access early education services

Advocacy 2: Create a Stable, Equitable, Sufficient Statewide Finance System that Meet the Needs of ALL Students

  • Need to fully fund Proposition 98 to stabilize and guarantee adequate school funding
  • Need a guarantee that a fully funded Proposition 98 and Proposition 30 will reach the local school districts (This could possibly eliminate the need for parcel tax)
  • Need to remove the deficit factor from the current funding formula to create a credible base
  • Need to use new funding formula that does not create winners and losers
  • Need to fully fund special education services to eliminate district encroachments
  • Need for local flexibility for  budgetary and programmatic decisions

Advocacy 3: Sustain School Environments that Are Modern, Clean and Safe for ALL Students

  • Need to support and fund safety and security measures to optimize work with local law enforcement
  • Need to put a statewide facilities bond on the ballot to build and modernize schools
  • Need to expand mental health  and counseling programs to intervene early for student well-being

Advocacy 4: Support Reforms that Ensure High Quality Learning Environments for All Students

  • Need to change the layoff notification timeline
  • Need for an effective state budget process that allows districts to accurately plan and execute district business
  • Need to fully reimburse districts for the costs associated with charter school applications and oversight
  • Need expanded funding with flexibility for Career Tech Educational Programs.
  • Need to streamline Department of State Architect requirements and costs to ensure timely and cost-effective approvals

Sacramento Road Trip 2013 – School Districts

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