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Kidspace Children’s Museum

Kidspace Children's Museum

Kidspace Children’s Museum
480 North Arroyo Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: (626) 449-9144
Fax: (626) 449-9985

The main goal at Kidspace Children’s Museum is to promote education and enrich the lives of children, families, and the community through interactive experiences in science, art, and the humanities.

Children’s museums are an incredible opportunity for learning and discovery. The point of a children’s museum is to enthuse young people to learn and grow, furnish parents and teachers, and to be a safe environment where children of all different abilities can do so at their own pace and focus on topics that are a special interest to them. This is commonly referred to as “Free Range Learning.”

What makes the children’s museum different from a school setting is the approach to unconditional learning. Kidspace Children’s Museum provides an educational environment filled with the wonder and fun of the natural world.

Kidspace Children’s Museum welcomes each guest with a smile and respect. In 2010, they celebrated having over 200,000 people visit annually and they continue to raise that number each year.

Kidspace Children’s Museum was voted 2013 Best Kids and Family Fun Spot in the annual reader’s poll conducted by Pasadena Weekly.

One happy client after their visit said, “This is a wonderful place for children (and adults) to just play and learn at the same time. A great place to visit if you want to escape the heat or the weather. But make sure you bring extra clothes for the kids since they’ll most likely get wet in the fountain area that they have outside.”

Another person said, “A fantastic place for kids under 8 if you have a couple of hours to spend watching your kids have the most fun and be creative, this is the spot.”

Kidspace Children’s Museum Programs and Events

Kidspace Children’s Museum has many exhibits, programs and activities that encourage a child’s growth and development through explorations of the environment, investigations in science, and artistic forms of expression that captivate the curious and growing minds of children ages 2 to 10.

If you have the opportunity to go to this enlightening museum, you should bring the whole family. For more information about hours, groups, parties and all the different exhibits that you can experience, visit their website at

Kidspace Children’s Museum