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Newhall County Water District

Newhall County Water District
23780 Pine Street
Newhall, CA 91321
(661) 259-3610

Newhall County Water District has been in charge of delivering quality water to the community for more than sixty years. There is no “Newhall County” but in 1951 the community decided to create a local water service, today the Newhall County Water District serves their consumers the best water available. They have a mission to serve the freshest, crispest water in the valley at minimal cost by keeping a close relationship with the natural surroundings, utilizing innovative measures and providing a quality working environment.

A Water Works district is organized by Los Angeles County, installed by the County, and run by the County Supervisors. A Utility District manages a combination of sewer, light, water, fire and more. The citizens were only interested in forming a water district, not a full blown company; therefore, Newhall Water Company became Newhall County Water District. A County Water District is owned by the public and run by a board of directors elected by the voters, a democracy of water built only to serve. This is the closest that Newhall County Water District can get to a privately run company.

Newhall County Water takes great pride in maintaining symbiotic relationship with their clientele, providing them with nothing but the best. Their building on Pine Street in Newhall gladly welcomes guests for all water related needs. They are the water source of the neighborhood, creating a local service of much importance.

The Newhall County Water District has the freshest water to offer, a crisp and clear bounty, sold to the public and a reasonable price. The water is filtered in house, with the taste of the valley, leaving the happy, healthy citizens with the special treat of the freshest water.

Newhall County Water District provides more than just drinking water, but the water that comes out of the facet, the sprinkler, the hose. Everything has a source, and the water most commonly used in the home comes right from the neighborhood water distributer. They make sure each and every consumer is contempt with their service, hoping to join the valley with the bonds of nature.  

For more information about the Newhall County Water District, visit their website at or call them at (661) 259-3610.