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Next Level Strength & Conditioning Program

Next Level Training Strength & Conditioning Program

Next Level Strength & Conditioning Program

T & Th @ 5 pm – 6:30pm
Sat. @ 10 am -11:30 am (optional)
Valencia H.S. Stadium and Weight Room
$85 investment

Next Level’s Strength & Conditioning Program is available all year around in Santa Clarita, and encourages athletes to join the program which will be held at Valencia High School.

The program is designed to better prepare each individual for the rigors of athletics. All sport athletes are encouraged to participate in this program and it does not matter if you play football, baseball, basketball or any other type of sport. All athletes are welcomed, to enhance their athletic abilities.Next Level Strength & Conditioning Program

The program is tailored for incoming middle and high school athletes: which introduces proper body mechanics, technique and resistance training. If you are a determined athlete who wants to put in effort and see results you can’t find anywhere else in Santa Clarita, then join this program and let them prepare you for the NEXT LEVEL.

Next Level Strength & Conditioning ProgramAthletes will get premium coaching because Next Level trainers have extensive backgrounds in athletic training through years of continuing knowledge, hands on field work and practical experience. Next Level program is constantly evolving in order to bring their athletes the newest research and best results. This ensures that every individual is given the best training to achieve increased gains in Speed, Agility, Power and most importantly, Strength.

The primary goal of Next Level is to build each athlete through safe and proven methods while instilling self-confidence, team work, and a commitment to excel physically and mentally. This is a full program that promises to stretch each athlete to become a better person, student and athlete.

Athletes often experience a lot of stress and pressure from high expectations and exercising will help with mind control as well. Exercising helps to relax the mind and rid the body from stress, anxiety, and even depression. People who exercise are more likely to be happier and possess a higher level of confidence than those who don’t exercise.

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The Next Level Strength and Conditioning program starts as soon as you sign up and is on-going. Athletes will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and optional Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Training will be held on-site at Valencia High School, in the weight room, stadium and surrounding facilities.Next Level Strength & Conditioning Program

If you are an athlete in Santa Clarita, then sign up for this program if you want to enrich your athletic abilities and strengthen your performance on the field, as you train with top notch coaches at Next Level Strength & Conditioning!

Watch Jordan Campbell’s “Never Give Up” video, after training with Next Level he was picked up by the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals. 

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Athletes in Santa Clarita make sure to take advantage of this excellent program and sign up as soon as possible. 

For additional information, please email Coach Mike Rojas at

Next Level Strength & Conditioning Program