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City Streets are Cracking Up

Potholes: The annoying divots form insidiously.
As cracks develop in the asphalt road, water seeps inside them, soaking into the road base that supports the asphalt. The base deteriorates, softens and moves up and down, further splaying the cracks.

The roadway flexes as vehicles drive over it and the cracks worsen, causing fragments of asphalt to break off. More and more pieces break away as tires impact the road.
The pummeling of the rain on the roadway does not typically weaken the asphalt. Problems generally occur when cracks develop.
 The problem has provoked three two-man crews to fan out around Santa Clarita since Tuesday, working nine-hour shifts to fill them. Complaints from drivers sent them to some locations; otherwise they targeted key areas along Soledad Canyon Road, San Fernando Road, and the Valencia Industrial Center’s avenues Scott and Stanford, and Rye Canyon Road.

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City Streets are Cracking Up

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