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Citys 4th Quarter Sales Tax Revenue up 8.1%

Shop Santa Clarita Campaign Yields Big For City!


            The City received the final numbers for the fourth quarter of 2004 sales tax revenue, which increased 8.1% over the previous year during the same time period, according to City Treasurer Darren Hernandez.


          Sales tax revenue in the City increased 8.1% in the fourth quarter of

2004 over the previous year, bringing in more than $6,755,294 in total sales

tax for the City during that period.  During the same period in 2003, the City realized $6,248,366 in sales tax revenue.  Sales tax revenue makes up approximately 40% of the City’s general fund each year.

            The City of Santa Clarita receives one cent for every dollar spent in the City.  Those pennies add up to more parks, roads, landscaped medians, Sheriffs deputies and new facilities for residents.

            “Sales tax is a big deal to the City.  We depend on sales tax revenue for the provision of new facilities, parks, roads and services our residents need.  It is important that our local economy remain strong and vibrant,” added Hernandez.

            The City launched its Shop Santa Clarita campaign in July 2004 through December 2004.  The campaign lauded the benefits of shopping within the City limits, which includes retaining sales tax revenue to be spent in the community.

      The City has six main sales tax categories which include: general retail (up 3.4%); food products (up 4.9%); transportation, which includes new automobiles (up 20.4% or $368,239); construction (up 5.6%); business to business sales (down 1.8% or $12,000); miscellaneous (up 4.6%).

Citys 4th Quarter Sales Tax Revenue up 8.1%

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