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Editorial: Cemex Battle Not Over

The following is a KHTS Editorial from KHTS owner, Carl Goldman.


As we weave through the holiday season, we have so much to be thankful for. We live in an incredible valley. One ranked as the best of the best. We have a stellar school system. We’re involved. We voice strong opinions from both sides of the spectrum, and back our opinions with positive actions.


One action needs to be the continued battle against the proposed Cemex mega-mine expansion. Several prominent community leaders have told me the Cemex battle is useless. I’ve told them, they’re wrong. Our city, this radio station, and many other organizations and leaders are committed to fighting the mega-mine expansion that will have disastrous consequences for our Valley.


We mustn’t give up. We can win this fight. But we must continue to put pressure on Cemex to negotiate a compromise. And we need your help. Add your voice to our coalition. Your one addition will make a difference. You’ll find a link on the homepage of our website, Together, we can force Cemex to make concessions.

Editorial: Cemex Battle Not Over

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