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Inmate Escapes From Pitchess Detention Center

An Inmate went missing from Pitchess Detention Center at 6:50am yesterday morning, sending prison sirens blaring and deputies scrambling.

Felix Stiglbauer was working in the laundry facility when he decided to walk away, evading Deputies. All inmates, however, wear electronic wristbands that activate, as Stiglbauer’s did, when they leave the immediate prison area, according to Sgt. Harris of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies have brought in a bloodhound, which picked up the trail of the convict. Once they found the inmate’s shoe and a prison issue jacket, it confirmed that they were on the right track.

The search continued until this morning, when a security guard witnessed a man fitting the inmate’s description walking along Lake Hughes road at about 7:30, almost exactly 24 hours after he escaped. Deputies responded to the call, and were able to detain the escapee, who eluded to regretting his decision.

"It was a cold night, and he was out there alone. He didn’t seem to have much of a plan," said Sgt. Harris.

Stiglbauer will be booked now on escape charges, and could face up to three years for that charge if convicted.

This will be in addition to his previous charge of vehicle theft and felony evasion, of which he was recently convicted. On November 2nd he was sentenced to 3 years in State Prison, and Deputies believe that could have been the motive for his escape.  

 Stiglbauer was classified as a minimal offender, and  was never considered dangerous.

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Inmate Escapes From Pitchess Detention Center

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