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Legislature Puts Brakes On Governors GoCalifornia

Senator Runner is Part of Bipartisan Effort to Move Governor’s Three-Bill Transportation Package


(SACRAMENTO) — In the span of two days, Governor Schwarzenegger’s GoCalifornia transportation package was brought to an abrupt halt.  The three bipartisan measures were designed to increase efficiencies in current transportation project delivery.  

“Putting the brakes on GoCalifornia sends a signal that this Legislature will continue to support the antiquated status quo of delivering transportation projects.  The main opposition is the public employee union that is fighting to preserve their bloated and out-of-date system,” said Senator George Runner (R-Antelope Valley). 

The Senate and Assembly appropriations committees held all three of the Governor’s GoCalifornia transportation measures in their committee.  The measures were authored by both Republicans and Democrats. 

Runner added, “GoCalifornia would get Californians moving faster and stretch transportation dollars farther.  Unfortunately, the Legislature has chosen to keep Californians stalled in traffic in order to preserve the current system that only benefits the public employee union.” 

Senator Runner has joint-authored SB 371 with Senator Tom Torlakson (D-Antioch) to provide the ability to use “design-build” — a streamlined building process that shortens project delivery. The current design-bid-build process is tied up with unnecessary bureaucratic and time-consuming red tape.  This will streamline the design-build process, expedite transportation projects, and provide commuters with congestion relief sooner rather than later. 

AB 1266 by Assemblyman Roger Niello (R-Fair Oaks) enables Caltrans to use design-sequencing, which jump-starts groundbreaking by allowing construction to begin as soon the design is finished for each phase of a project.  Design-sequencing will help get projects done faster for less money so Californians can stay on the go.  

AB 850 by Assemblyman Joe Canciamilla (D-Pittsburg) and co-authored by Senator Runner provides the state the option of public-private partnerships or HOT lanes. This proposal could also pave the way for truck-only lanes which would decrease the truck traffic that clogs freeways and increases commutes. Senator Runner has a companion measure, SB 561, which has the same language as AB 850.  

“I will continue to fight for the passage of these measures.  Getting transportation projects delivered more quickly with greater cost-efficiency is just common sense,” said Runner

Legislature Puts Brakes On Governors GoCalifornia

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