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Local Students Enjoy Thanksgiving Meal in Character

At Pinecrest Elementary School in Valencia, Pilgrims and Indians sat down for a Thanksgiving feast. The meal was, of course turkey, and it was served on a plastic tray, with low fat milk, pumpkin pie, and a healthy dose of learning.

No, this wasn’t just a theatrical recreation of the fabled first thanksgiving. It was actually the culmination of weeks of teaching about Indians and Pilgrims.

It was just before lunchtime today when I stopped into Mrs. Dell’s 2nd grade class at Pinecrest elementary. Mrs. Dell is a teacher of over 25 years experience, and not only have I had the pleasure of being her student a long time ago, but she also just happens to be my mother, (which is what I’m thankful for this year…every year).

Her class has been learning about Native American history and culture over the last few weeks, and early in the week they were given the opportunity to showcase all that they’ve learned. A brown paper bag was coverted into a vest, and each student painted Native American symbols on it.

“This isn’t just for decoration…each symbol has its own particular meaning,” said Mrs. Dell.

After reviewing what that first Thanksgiving meant, it was lunch time. The children got into their vests and headed out to get their lunches, right alongside the 1st grade Pilgrims.

The whole sight made me more than just a little nostalgic. Children could so easily pass Thanksgiving off as just another day. And while the holiday serves as a family tradition for most of us, it’s still good to see schools teach the history of that day, when people of completely different lives broke bread together. So whether Indian or Pilgrim, 1st grade or 2nd, have a happy Thanksgiving.


Jon Dell

KHTS AM 1220 News


Local Students Enjoy Thanksgiving Meal in Character

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