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Newest Poll Shows Overwhelming Support of Jessicas Law

Voters from every region of California overwhelmingly support Jessica’s Law

A recent statewide poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies found that Californians overwhelmingly support the Jessica’s Law Initiative on the November 2006 ballot.   


By nearly a 4-1 margin, Californians support the Jessica’s Law Initiative.
*   73% of likely voters said they will vote for Jessica’s Law.  Only 20% stated they were inclined to oppose the measure. Support for Jessica’s Law among women voters is off the charts.
*   79% of women support the measure.  Only 15% were inclined not to support the measure.
*   Two-thirds of men support the measure.
Jessica’s Law crosses party lines and is not a partisan issue.  It is strongly supported by Republicans, Democrats, and Declined to State voters.
*   80% of Republican voters
*   70% of Democrat voters
*   69% of Decline to State voters 
Voters from every region of California overwhelmingly support Jessica’s Law.
By a 4-1 margin, voters in the San Diego and Central Valley regions strongly support Jessica’s Law.  Even in the Bay Area, voters support Jessica’s Law by a 2-1 margin.
*   87% of San Diego voters
*   82% of Central Valley voters
*   73% of Los Angeles region voters
*   79% of Sacramento voters
65% of Bay Area voters 

About the Poll  

The poll was conducted from June 11-13, 2006 by Public Opinion Strategies. The sample size was 800 likely voters.
Poll Question
I would now like to read you a little bit about a ballot proposition which is called the Sex Offenders Sexually Violent Predators Punishment Residence Restrictions and Monitoring Proposition Statute. This proposition increases penalties for violent and habitual sex offenders and child molesters. The proposition prohibits registered sex offenders from residing within 2,000 feet of any school or park and requires a lifetime Global Positioning System monitoring of felony registered sex offenders. The State Legislative Analyst states there is an unknown net cost to the state, but within a few years, potentially in the low hundreds of millions of dollars annually due primarily to increased state prison, parole supervision, and mental health program costs. Based on what I just read you, would you vote YES, in favor of this measure or No against this measure?
Jessica’s Law is the most comprehensive sex offender punishment and control reforms ever proposed in California.  For more information about this landmark initiative, go to

Newest Poll Shows Overwhelming Support of Jessicas Law

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