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Orangeline One Step Closer To Santa Clarita

The Orangeline moved one step closer to Santa Clarita residents when the City Council adopted a resolution calling for support of policies that would kick start urban development around the planned station in the city.

This is not the Orangeline that dominates the east/west route of the San Fernando Valley with a dedicated bus street. This Orangeline is a High Speed Maglev train that will connect Santa Clarita with dozens of other cities in southern California.

How fast you ask? The estimated travel time from Irvine to Lancaster on the Orangeline is about an hour. Traveling from Santa Clarita to Downtown LA would take about 20 minutes.

Orangeline trains will use Magnetic Levitation to propel their users to work or play, at speeds up to, and maybe even in excess of 150 mph. The first working Maglev train in Shanghai moves at speeds over 260 miles per hour.  

The whole project totals 110 miles and is a partnership between both public and private groups. The economic impacts of the train seem to be gaining more interest when compared to adding lanes to a freeway, as this project will be financially self sufficient and not use taxpayer dollars like a freeway would.

To find out more on the Orangeline, click here.


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Orangeline One Step Closer To Santa Clarita

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