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Project Set to Move The Old Road

The intersection of Magic Mountain Parkway and Interstate 5 will begin to take on a different look in the coming year, with the widening and relocation of The Old Road and a nearby gas station some 150 feet to the west. As part of a multi-agency traffic streamlining project under way at the intersection, freeway ramps are being installed and plans are being prepared to move a portion of The Old Road. Assistant City Engineer Curtis Nay said moving the road requires several property right acquisitions, and will also involve relocation of the Chevron gas station at the southwest corner of The Old Road and Magic Mountain Parkway. “It’s all being worked out,” he said, adding that Chevron has granted the city a right-of-way for the project. The gas station will be moved about 150 feet to the west. Once complete, the project will also slightly widen The Old Road, continuing about 1,600 feet south and 1,200 feet north of Magic Mountain Parkway.
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Project Set to Move The Old Road

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