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Remembrance Turns Political

A memorial for David March turned to a political rally Friday against laws that prevented the slain deputy from perceiving danger and an apparently indifferent federal government that won’t pursue justice.
    “Politics and cheap labor: A combination of greed and fear of political reprisal keeps those borders open for people to come in and do terrible things,” said Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, one of three prominent speakers at a memorial on the third-year anniversary of March’s murder.

“Sanctuary cities — like Los Angeles, Denver and others — they share a blame for this tragedy and others that happened in their cities,” Tancredo told about 400 people at the rally outside Irwindale Speedway.
    So-called sanctuary cities do not permit law-enforcement personnel to determine whether criminals are illegal immigrants or turn them over to immigration authorities in most cases. That, said Tancredo, has allowed slayings like March’s.
    March, of Santa Clarita, was shot to death April 29, 2002, outside the speedway, where he had pulled over a driver for a routine traffic stop.

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Remembrance Turns Political

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